Zabeel Car Cleaning : Dubai

About Zabeel Car Cleaning


We are passionate about cleaning cars and we believe waterless cleaning is the future. Zabeel Car Clean is UAE’s one of the fastest growing waterless mobile car wash company. We are always focused to be the leader in customer service, quality car washes, and convenience. Zabeel Car Cleaning will focus efforts on building strategic relationships within the community that we serve. We are offering the high value for waterless mobile car wash experience in our market, allowing controlled and sustainable growth. We have started our services in 2010 at Dubai, now expanding our services to other Emirates.

Our motto is Be Clean & Green, by using new waterless car wash technology and save earth by saving water on each car wash.

Our Mobile car wash cart equipped with a high pressure cleaning nozzle which help us to reduce water usage along with biodegradable waterless shampoo and environmentally sensitive products to protect environment. Its help us to save 30 gallons of water on each car wash compare to home or normal car wash.

Our employees and managers are tasked with enhancing the overall service experience, creating happy and loyal customers.

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