Zabeel Car Cleaning : Dubai

Our Mission

We are committed to provide car owners in UAE superior waterless car wash service that do not harm the environment. Our waterless car wash services help people conserve water while at the same time eliminates contaminated runoff.We are always seeking new ways to clean cars while still protecting the environment!

On average, a full-service car washes use 140 liters per wash. A normal home car wash uses even more water. Most garden hoses spraying about 37 liters of water a minute, the average driveway wash uses between 300 to 400 liters of water while sending oil, detergents, and other pollutants down the storm drain.

Well Zabeel waterless car washing can make a dramatic change in helping to protect our environment using waterless products works simply spraying it on and wiping it off. We use highest quality products that are eco-friendly bio-degradable and non-toxic which emulsifies the dirt lifts it off the surface of the car, and then we use micro fiber towel to clean it off.

Unlike traditional car washes, gallons of water do not wind up on the ground. The few drops of their product that does are actually 98% biodegradable.
Since we’re not using water and the product is eco-friendly, it’s about the safest, most eco-friendly way you can wash a car.

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