Zabeel Car Cleaning : Dubai

Why Waterless Car Wash?


UAE is facing a water crisis. Over consumption of water has a direct impact on wildlife, people and our economy. 

What is the solution?
The solution is to Conserve Water.

Zabeel Car Clean is pledged to save water on each car wash to preserve this precious natural resource for next generation.

How we Save Water on Car Wash?

According to the international standards, the average person will waste 450 liters of water while cleaning their car in their driveway. The average stand-alone “car wash” will use over 150 liters of water per car. This is a lot of soapy grey/ contaminated water going down the storm drain and into the environment.

It only takes less than 1 -1.5 liters of the Our Waterless Car Wash service to clean the average size car. The soiled towels are cleaned in the washing machine and only take a few ounces of soap & water per towel.

Other Benefits

You don't risk scratching - The ingredients of waterless carwash form a coating around dust particles, not letting them scratch the surface of your paint. A strong jet of water can blast these particles straight into your car body, which results in further injury to the paint, and more frequent paint jobs. The microfiber used with waterless car washes, on the other hand, scoops up the dirty and provides a gentle buffing action to your car's delicate exterior

You get a wash, wax, polish and sealant, all in one step - The waterless car wash contains more than just the cleaning emulsifiers present in soap. The protectant, polish and sealant components form a coating on top of the paint, giving your car the sheen only a wax job could give before - all for no extra effort. After a proper waterless wash, your car's surface should look smooth and glossy, with water beading in round droplets on its surface.

With all this saving - water, money and paint - you automatically qualify as "environmentally friendly". Unlike many environment-friendly options that make you work harder or spend more, the waterless carwash actually lets you gain - in every possible way.




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